Home Intercom – Make Sure It’s Working Properly to Keep Your Family Safe!

Once an intercom is installed in a home, years go by and sometimes people just don’t realize the importance of making sure it is running properly. Sometimes obvious problems may occur and they need repaired. Some systems are as old as 20 years and should be replaced just for safety.

Simply go down this list and make sure you are safe:

  1. No Sound or No Power
  2. Scratchy Sound While Listening To Room
  3. Static From Control Panel Speaker
  4. Unit Keeps Beeping All By Itself
  5. Intercom Squeals During All-Call
  6. Intercom Is Making A “Whistling” Sound
  7. These Symptoms Happen When It Rains
  8. Touching Room Switch sounds Scratchy
  9. Unit Is Making A “Whistling” Sound
  10. Sometimes Unit Calls-In All By Itself
  11. Some Switch bank LED Call Lights Are Dim
  12. Bell “Time Tone” Is Not Working
  13. The Bell “Time Tone” Isn’t Ringing
  14. They Can Hear Me But I Can’t Hear Them
  15. I Can Talk “Out” But I Can’t Hear The Room
  16. Room Speaker Sounds Distorted
  17. Room Calls In During Announcements
  18. Room Call In When Bell “Time Tone” Rings
  19. Master Intercom Speaker Sounds “Boomy”
  20. Everybody Can Hear The Office Sounds
  21. All Call Is Not Working Properly
  22. All Call Volume Sounds Distorted Or Low
  23. Unit Is Blowing Fuses Or “Tripping” Breaker
  24. Room Call-In Switch Doesn’t Work
  25. Room Speaker Is Not Working, it’s Low or High In Volume, it’s Intermittent, it Goes In & Out, it Keeps Cutting Out, or it Keeps Calling In All By Itself
  26. Intercom Sometimes “Hums” All By Itself. If you realize your home intercom system is experiencing some or many of the above, it’s definitely time to get it repaired or replaced for you and your family’s safety. Look online for a reputable company you can trust who are fully licensed and insured.

What Should You Look For In A Home Intercom System?

All call Intercom systems distribute the voice throughout the room stations all at once. This is done by activating the talk button from the room station. These systems usually do not allow the end user to select the room station to communicate. The only way to select a room station for private call will be from the master unit only.

Selective Call or Automatic Selective Call

A selective call Home Intercom system allows the end user to selective a room station to communicate privately between room stations. This is done by dialing the room station by number. Some programming maybe required. An automatic selective call Home Intercom system allows the end user to talk privately between room stations. But the end user does not dial a selected room station. The automatic selective call initiates as an All Call once the talk button pressed. Once the call is answered from another room stations all the other room stations will go back to original settings and the call is now private.

Music Distribution from a Home Intercom System

Home Intercom systems are the most cost effective way of getting music distribution throughout your home without spending a fortune. Most music distribution systems for a 4 or 5 bedroom home will cost between $2500 to $5000 and Home Intercom systems can start as little as $1200 depending how many rooms will have music. Choosing where to locate each room station is not just for intercom functions but also for music distribution. Make sure you have good coverage for your music. Most of the room stations have a 3 inch speaker for music. Because of the small size of the speaker you will not be able to turn up the music very loud without getting distortion. Ask your manufacture if they are able to upgrade your sound to a ceiling speaker. With ceiling speakers you will get better music coverage especially in larger rooms. Also check with your manufacture and take advantage of ipods or mp3 players and hook it up to your system directly.

The Benefits of Installing a Wireless Intercom System

An intercom system can be a very handy tool for allowing communication and providing a certain level of security for you and your family members. Gone are the days of having to run wires through walls and ceilings to each and every station, now days wireless technology has all but made the hard wired systems obsolete.

If you have an external garage or work shed a wireless intercom is a great idea for letting people know that you are home so they can let you in or communicating with people inside when you are out working hard in the shed. All that is required is either a power point for the power supply or batteries if you prefer to move the unit around. No more digging trenches and laying conduit to take one station away from the home.

Having several units inside the home can also be an advantage in that you can keep an eye on or at least an ear out for what everyone is doing. With the kids playing in one room and you at the other end of the house you can still hear what they are up to and avoid any dangerous situations such as the kids venturing outside without you knowing or doing something that may put them in harms way.

Taking this idea one step further, if you have a young child and need to get things done while they are asleep you can install a station in each of the different rooms of your house and be able to listen out for them irrespective of where you are in the house. Think of it as a glorified baby monitor! Many modern systems offer hands free operation allowing you to continue what you are doing while talking with the other people in your house.

Some limitations do apply to wireless systems though. Some areas, depending on the design of your house, may fall into what are referred to as black spots or areas where the wireless signal is not able to travel. That and the fact that either mains power or battery power has to be kept up to the units for them to work are the only limitations with a wireless system. Generally by moving the units around within the room an area of good reception can be found.

If you are having a home built you may want to consider a hard wired system as they can be installed as the sheeting goes on and are considered to be a bit more reliable than wireless system. However with the technology that we have these days there is no reason why a wireless intercom cannot be successfully installed in an existing dwelling and the increased flexibility may make it all the more worthwhile.